Life is a wish-granting factory.

Everyone can determine the rhythm of one’s own life, even if it doesn’t always seem so.

The one prefers gentle, quiet harmonies while the other loves huge, spectacular drumbeats. Especially in our daily lives, we drop the baton way too often and are dominated by rush and hectic. Commonly, we feel like we cannot meet everyone’s expectations. Searching for the newest trends, the perfect job or unconditional love we forget ourselves. We forget to take time to listen to our inner self and to define the beat of our lives how we decide.

The team behind Melou wants your life to be your own wish-granting factory. We believe that everyone of us has an individual heart’s desire. The one single wish we nourish for a very long time - waiting to become a reality. Our wish bracelet shall help you to pause, to listen to yourself and to reveal the melody of your heart. Then, if you know your dreams and goals the wish bracelet shall remind you every day to pursue them. Life bears thousands of opportunities for you. Take these opportunities and become the composer of the rhythm of your life! Become the master of your wish-granting factory.

It does not matter whether you decide for the first letter of your own name, the name of your beloved one, your best friend or maybe your pet. Most importantly, you get reminded of your heart’s greatest desire, your dream, your wish-granting factory.

And do you know the best part about this?

You provide the chance for your wish and dream to finally become true. When knotting your wish bracelet tightly think about your biggest wish. It might come true the day the bracelet falls off on its own.

And who knows – maybe some wishes come true slower than others, so we can appreciate them even more.