What I love about you...

Valentine’s Day, or the day some are waiting for more than anything and the day some fear so much. The closest February comes, the more we see people getting divided – Valentine’s Day is just another commercial holiday created by our consumer society for some and a very romantic holiday to show all your love to your partner for others.

At Melou, we think that Valentine’s Day, even if it can be commercial, is also and mostly another day to show you love and spoil your lover. This year will be my first Valentine’s Day while I’m taken and I wouldn’t want to gift something to my boyfriend just because it’s Valentine’s Day, I want something that shows what I really love about him and thus something that has a meaning for both of us. Who would not want that, right?

This year especially, we want to celebrate love in all its forms and share “What I love about you” through our jewellery and the people that wear them. What I personally love the most about my boyfriend is his ability to always listen and his willingness to help me and support me in everything I do. He also makes me a better person by doing that. Being in a relationship, it’s always wanting the best for your partner and do your best to make them happy. We all know it, a little attention any day of the year always brings some joy to the faces of the ones we love, so why not do the same (and a bit more) on that special day. My wish bracelet with his initials already follows me everywhere I go to always keep a part of him by my side, so I think I’ll gift him his this year while sharing what I love about him. That will make for a beautiful but meaningful gift for this first Valentine’s Day with each other!

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