Our book recommendation for the Christmas season

Each of us certainly had personal Christmas highlights in his childhood. Things to look forward all year around. For me, it was definitely not baking of Christmas cookies or the decoration of the Christmas tree, but an other special ritual that only existed only in the runup to Christmas.

Every night my brother, my mom and I cuddled in front of the chimney and red a story - a Christmas story.
Every day we were allowed to take turns picking a story that Mama then read aloud.Today, my brother keeps telling me that, as a child, I used to talk to him for so long that he wanted to hear my story - of course, so that Mama did not notice it.
Even today, reading during the Advent season, still has a special meaning to me. Wh
ich is why I would like to give you a few book tips for the pre-Christmas period or the time between the holidays.

Some books are also great for reading in pairs - You are never too old!

  1. Storm Time - by Charlotte Link
    I'm a big fan of Charlotte Link in general, but this book somehow surprised me because I only read her detective novels. Storm Time is the first part of a trilogy that accompanies the journey of three women in an epoch of upheaval. I was particularly fascinated by the main character, Felicia, who shows how to to be a strong woman in difficult times - Very worth reading!
  2. The Orange Girl - by Jostein Gaarder
    I am not sure if you have ever heard of Jostein Gaarder, but perhaps of one of his works: Sofie's World.
    With the orange girl, Gaarder wrote a sadly beautiful story about life and love, that you can also read to each other
  3. Leopard - Jo Nesbø
    A good crime novel is never far from me. With his Harry Hole series, Nesbø has managed to create super exciting books with great characters. I am an absolute fan of this book, and recommend it to anyone else!

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