Uni frustration awakens the urge to travel

When I think about my studies, I can tell you directly what I liked the most: the holidays
Don’t get me wrong, I loved studying, but my ambition was blocking me and could get in my way. Christin affectionately named me Bib-Ghost at some point because I was always in the library to learn. Unfortunately, this name was given to me not only because of my constant presence in the halls of the Uni Lib, but also because of the lack of colour on my face.
After countless hours in the library and in the exam room, the last exam of the semester was finally over, and I did not want to spend any more time in Münster. The desire to travel seized me every time again and was probably brought because of the examination phase. Most of the time, I took my backpack the same day and went to the airport to discover the world.

You’re probably wondering how a student can afford to spend their vacation in faraway countries without any money.
To be honest, it has never been difficult.
First of all, I actually rented my room in my shared flat each semester (maybe a little to the chagrin of my roommates). The money I saved with the rent then became my budget. :)
Online, you can now find very good deals. I prefer to search on SecretFlying (https://www.secretflying.com/), if I do not know where to go I like to use Momondo (https://www.momondo.de/).
And once the flight is booked, nothing stands in the way of adventure. :)

It would also have been necessary to buy food at home and I was generally in countries where the cost of living was cheaper than in Germany. So, in the end, I could afford more than here. :)
Another important point : the nights.
My suggestion may not be suitable for everyone, but I can only recommend that you try it at least once: Couchsurfing.

I could tell you countless stories about my couchsurfing experiences. During my travels, Couchsurfing allowed me to meet many amazing people who showed me their city, their culture, their families, their friends and their way of life. There are so many beautiful memories in my mind that I want to share one with you.
When I was in Florida, it finally drove me to North Palm Beach. You probably have never heard of the small community, which is not bad. I think I was in Miami before, and then I left by train to the north. At the station, Gianvito picked me up. At first, a stranger who became a friend after long conversations until late at night. Gianvito himself enjoys surfing couches a lot and now wanted to give something back and also welcome other couch surfers. He had just returned from his last trip, but he was already planning his next adventure.
For Gianvito, family is very important and shortly after his return home, he also wanted to spend time with his family, especially with his old aunt Antonia.
Aunt Antonia was an Italian Nonna who, in the afternoon, always presented her secrets of Italian cuisine. We cooked, laughed and talked with her. Suddenly, I was no longer a stranger, but also a part of the family - what hotel could offer this?

In fact, I'm still in touch with Gianvito and Aunt Antonia. After my return, I sent a postcard from Münster. It is proudly hanging in her living room. :)

Of course, with Melou, I cannot just go away for months, and that's a good thing. I think everything has its time. But what is good is that my necklace with the charm "World" always reminds me of all the adventures I have experienced during my travels so far. :)

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