SOS: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve

I remember exactly December 23rd last year.I did not enjoy it.

When I started with Melou last November, there was no one else in the #meloucrew except from me. I therefore took care of everything myself: answered your e-mails and messages on Instagram, packed the bracelets and sent them to the post office, looked after content for our Instagram account, doing cooperations and so much more. You can certainly imagine that my to-do list was infinitely long every day of the week, and on the weekend, I took care of the shipping because I did not want any of you to wait foryour Christmas presents. I did not think about anything else but Melou. It comes without saying that on the 23rd, I fell on my knees when I realized I did not take care of a single Christmas present. This never happened to me before. I actually always go through a lot of thoughts and research to make sure to please everyone.

At this point, creativity was needed. And I decided to offer homemade sweets to all.
The challenge for me was to avoid the city centre and get everythingfrom the supermarket to save time.Outcome:it was a complete success and everyone was thrilled and wondered how I found the time for self-made gifts with the few free time that I had.That made me smile, because I have my little secret!

To save you from stress and nerves, here's the recipe for my SOS last-minute Christmas gift:


  • 120g of speculos biscuits
  • 35g of brown sugar
  • 70g of sweet condensed milk
  • 30g of butter
  • 1 packet of vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of ground cloves
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ tablespoon of Speculos spice
  • 1. First you have to grind the biscuits as finely as possible. You can use a food processor. If you do not have any, just put the speculos into a freezer bag and roll over it with the rolling pin a few times. The result should be flour-like, only moister.

    2. Place the condensed milk with the butter, sugar and vanilla extract in a microwave-safe container and heat slightly: this will allow the butter to melt. Then, mix it well.

    3. Add the liquid mix together with cinnamon, speculos spice and cloves to the ground biscuits and give it a good stir. Now the consistence should be really sticky, liquid dimensions.

    4. Pour the mixture as quick as possible into jars. Then let it cool down - the colder the mix, the firmer it gets. After cooling down in the fridge until the next day, put names on the jars and it is ready to offer! 

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