​My wish for you

Everyone has a desire in their heart that motivates them to go above and beyond to reach their goal – right?

To be fully honest with you, I couldn’t tell you exactly what my truest desire is, I have a lot of wishes, like go on an adventure and discover the world one day for example, but could I say that this is my truest desire, I do not know. But my wish bracelet reminds me of those wishes that I have, and I hope one day will come true.

During the holidays period, we generally think about others and what small gifts they want, but never really what we truly wish for them from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Christmas campaign “My wish for you” made me ask myself this question exactly – What do I truly wish for the people I really care about?

Obviously, we can answer this question quickly and easily, by wishing the best for those who are dear to our hearts and hope that their wishes come true. But the answer to that question is probably too easy for us to find.

I thought about it for my boyfriend and that took me longer than I expected. It should be easier to find a more profound answer for the people that we really care about, but it wasn’t that easy in the end!

Of course, it wasn’t hard for me to find a lot of little things that I wish for him, but that’s not what I wanted to find. I wanted to find my dearest desire, not just a small wish.

After long thought, I told myself that what I wish the most for him is that he’s happy, with or without me, and that he’s manages to cross every hard step that life puts in his way et always come out of it better and having learned new things, because even the worst moments we go through make us grow.

You should take the time to think about what you truly desire for people dear to you as well and how you could give and symbolize your wish with our limited-edition Christmas wish bracelet?

I am curious to hear about your dearest desires!


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