​Cheap & Awesome: DIY Gifts Pack

Of course Christmas is about more than gifts, but let's be honest: who is not pleased about a little attention from his sweetheart?

It is always nice to think about what you can do to pleased others. And then, anxiously watching them unpacking their gift until their final reaction. But what is unpacked, must first be packed!
Packing is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, but above all, I do not like spending a lot on money on packaging neither, even though I want the gift to be nicely wrapped. WelI… here is an ingenious and cheap solution: wrapping paper! Yes. As simple as that. But stylish.
I always buy a huge roll at the post office with which you can pack up everything. And the thing is: you can beautifully upgrade and personalize the wrapping.
I ordered a cheap red-white cord (https://amzn.to/2Fa3Y7b) and thyme. I place the thyme into a ring and knot the ends together with the cord. Then, I wrap the gift with the same cord and fasten the thyme ring in the middle. I then cut rightly the leftover paper, on which I then write the name of the recipient. And here is your super nice and cheap gift wrapping! 

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