Galentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, and this year I’m planning to spend It with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, that means that I cannot be with my best friend even though it has been our ritual for the many years we were single. We used to spend a “girly” day together, pampering ourselves and getting ready for our evening at the restaurant while enjoying our friendship and show each other how much we care about each other. Sadly, this year we won’t be able to do it on the actual day of Valentine’s Day.

Melou made me discover a holiday that I did not know: Galentine’s Day! It happens on the 13 th of February and the point is to celebrate friendship, while being single or in a relationship and share all the love you have for the people around you that give it back to you just as much.

It is the perfect solution to celebrate Valentine’s Day between lovers while still being able to celebrate the beautiful friendship that I share with my best friend during Galentine’s Day. Everything I wanted to celebrate with my best friend when we did Valentine’s Day together would be doable during Galentine’s Day. It’s the perfect occasion to share with her what I love about her – her sincerity, her originality, but mostly the positivity and love she brings me every day. I try my best to give that back to her every day, but I always try to go the extra mile for our little Valentine’s Day and this year I decided to gift her a little something from Melou. I’m going to get her a wish bracelet in gold because she is a fan of that colour metal and I want her to have a little part of me with her at all time!

I hope you’re all going to spend a great Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t celebrate it or if you’re single, enjoy Galentine’s Day by spending time with your best friends!

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